Surface Treatment

Axel Mould Oil 904

Axel Mould Oil 904 is a water based form release agent that reacts with alkaline reaction products with the setting of the cement to form an insoluble heavy metal soap. These soaps prevent any bond developing between the concrete and the formwork, and ensures a clean, natural surface with minimum voids.

Axel Mould Oil 904 formulated to coat formwork or mould faces to facilitate removal and to encourage the production of smooth, clean, faces on the concrete.

  • Easy to remove formwork
  • Prevent surface defects which are often caused by other types of release agent
  • Low cost, economical type of form release agent

Axel Axseal 902

Axel Axseal 902 is a solvent -borne high resin coating, specially formulated to penetrate into the substrate to seal topcoats. It also incorporates a biocide and UV stabilizer to protect the coated substrate from fungal or algal attacks, and ultraviolet deterioration.

Axel Axseal 902 is commonly used as a primer or topcoat interior or exterior or various multi-layer texture coating substrates such as plaster, masonry, metal, concrete, wood, GRC & PC panels.

  • Quick drying
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, fungal and algal growth
  • Capability in stabilising light chalking substrate
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good penetration properties

Axel Mould Oil 904S

Axel Mould Oil 904S is a high grade blend of mineral oil based formwork release agent specially designed to promote a water repellent interface which protects both steel and timber formwork. When it reacts, Axel Mould Oil 904S forms a very low surface tension on the formwork thus preventing the adhesion of the cement matrix to the formwork. It also minimizes on rust formation.

Axel Mould Oil 904S is commonly used as a chemical formwork release agent for surfaces such as metal forms, timber forms and plastic forms.

  • Economical
  • Easy to apply
  • Non staining
  • Suitable for all types of formwork
  • Reduce corrosion on steel formworks

Axel Concrete Seal 905

Axel Concrete Seal 905 is a single component p.v.a based concrete curing compound.

Axel Concrete Seal 905 is designed to form an impermeable skin of resin over the fresh concrete surface. This will maintain the design strength of good quality concrete by protecting undesirable effects associated with rapid evaporation of surface moisture, hence leading to a proper hydration of the cement.

Axel Concrete Seal 905 is used as a sprayable curing compound for concrete surfaces such as dams, bridges, precast pipes and pavings.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Non toxic, non flammable
  • Maintains the design strength of good quality concrete by reducing thermal cracks of concrete

Axel Aquastop 907

Axel Aquastop 907 is a solvent based concentrated clear silicone impregnator that offers outstanding protection to unpainted interior and exterior brick and concrete surfaces, stonework or other surfaces where water repellency is required.

Axel Aquastop 907 is specially designed to provide a high water repellency action, and reduce efflorescence. This usually used on concrete, architectural stonework, marble,brickworks, granite or slate.

  • High UV resistance
  • Easy to apply, Economical, minimize cleaning costs
  • Provide a good seal against water ingress
  • High alkaline resistance
  • Effective even in damp substrates
  • Acts as a deterrent for efflorescence

Axel Flexilite 913

Axel Flexilite 913 surfacing system is a synthetic polymeric coating system specially formulated with the ultra violet stable resin pigments and selected fillers to provide a very tough and durable surfacing system. The multi coated surface provides excellent rebound for the user, which makes it an ideal surface for sports courts.

Axel Flexilite 913 complements well with other waterproofing systems as it can be applied as a topcoat over waterproofing surfaces to provide a protective layer from medium traffic.

  • UV stable
  • Hard wearing
  • Durable
  • Rebound characteristics – ideal for sports court surfacing
  • Easy to apply