Roof Coating

Axel Roofgard 800

Axel Roofgard 800 is a specially formulated roof coating to various types of roof tile substrates.  Acel Roofgard 800 is designed to refurbish all metal, concrete and clay roofs that needed maximum protection.

By using Axel Roofgard 800 it helps to prevent deteriorating and suffering from various rust failure, adding beauty to recoated roof, waterproof, stop leak, and prevent algal and fungal attacks.

  • Easy to apply
  • Ultraviolet Resistance
  • Excellent moisture resistance and fungal or algal growth
  • Temperature resistance
  • Extend the life of the clay, concrete and metal roof tiles
  • Environmental friendly
  • Cost effective

Axel Insulgard 801

Axel Insulgard 801 is a water based fluid applied ceramic insulation coating system formulated specially for roofs for extreme climatic conditions.

Insulgard 801 is also elastic and is incorporated with insulating micro beads to reflect radiant heat rays and dissipate heat back to the atmosphere to provide its end user with an improved roof insulation system. It is also formulated for the purpose to rehabilitate all metal, concrete and clay roofs that desire reduction in heat for the end user’s comfort living.

  • Waterproofing membrane benefits
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, fungal and algal growth
  • Environmental friendly
  • Energy and cost efficient
  • Excellent thermal reduction