Axel Embed 301

Axel Embed 301 is an expanding non ferrous grout. It consist of a dry premixed of graded Portland cement, siliceous aggregate with set regulating reactive chemical agents and microfume inorganic matters. It provides high compressive strength without any shrinkage.

Axel Embed 301 is suitable for patching repair to concrete or gap filling to machine base foundation. Axel Embed 301 can be used for machine bases, column bases or column bases (steel & precast concrete) anchor concrete beam, bridges.

  • Controlled expansion, ensuring positive surface contact
  • No corrosive effect caused by metallic residue
  • No rusting or staining on exposed edges
  • Premixed, only require the addition of water
  • Contains no calcium chloride

Axel Embed 301R

Axel Embed 301R is a one component polymer modified thixotropic high build cementitious base repair mortar specially premixed and graded for patching repair and grouting purposes.

Axel Embed 301R possess high bond flexural strength and excellent compressive properties under impact that matched most of concrete substrates.

Axel Embed 301R is commonly used on fast repair to horizontal or vertical concrete or mortar surfaces above and below ground level, filling or repair mortar for voids, honeycombed areas, repair of spalled concrete caused by reinforcement corrosion, repair with improved resistance to oils, sewage, chemicals etc.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent bond strength
  • High resistance to oils and chemicals
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Weather resistance
  • Premixed, only require the addition of water
  • Non-toxic & non-corrosive to reinforce steel

Axel Epogrout 302

Axel Epogrout 302 is a specially formulated 3 component quart reinforced composite epoxy grout compound. It is compatible with the thermal coefficient of expansion and contraction of concrete as well as metal substrates.

Axel Epogrout 302 also  produces high compressive and flexural strength that is suited for structural load-bearing application such as grouting and levelling to machinery or stanchion column base, bonding to marble or slate slabs to fascia or floor, filling of potholes or honeycomb concrete, repair to chemical or high abrasive floor, levelling of floor as well as repair of expansion joint edges.

  • Fast curing support foot traffic in as little as 3 hours
  • Resistance to blistering caused by outgassing of concrete
  • Compatible thermal coefficient of expansion provides long terms resistance to disbondment
  • Outstanding adhesion to damp concrete
  • Easy installation and finishing with tools or power equipment.
  • Stronger than standard concrete, tough resin structure resists mechanical impact

Axel Mortar 303 MC

Axel Mortar 303 MC is 2 component ultra high strength epoxy paste formulated as a patch repair mortar to repair concrete defects such as spalling, potholes on wall, and industrial floors, such as concrete walls, concrete edging joint filler, concrete floors, concrete bases or crack lines.

Axel Mortar 303 MC is designed for use as a general purpose epoxy glue, to bond a variety of different substrates used in construction together such as glass or steel to concrete etc. but not suitable for bonding of plastic.

  • High compressive, high bond strength
  • No corroding
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • General chemical resistant
  • seamless joints
  • Anti dust, easy to clean
  • No rusting or staining on exposed edges
  • Controlled shrinkage, ensuring positive surface contact

Axel Epo-Ject 304i

Axel Epo-Ject 304i is a two component epoxy system designed to penetrate and bond large crack in concrete structures. It is also formulated as a structural adhesive for bonding to various substrates.

Axel Epo-Ject 304i commonly used as grouting agent for cracks and casting such as bridges decks, parking decks, horizontal concrete slab structures, also use to fill up void or honeycomb in concrete, timber, rubber or plastic substrates.

  • Low odour
  • Excellent bonding strength
  • Solvent free
  • Non toxic in cured form
  • Resistant to biological attack
  • Some reaction with salty or contaminated water
  • Low viscosity