Topcrete 226

Topcrete 226 is a modified advances composite base monolithic flooring system formulated to protect concrete floor with abrasive resistant and wearing properties.

It provides extended wear and predictable preventive maintenance to normal floor with excellent sheer finish for easy cleaning.

  • Carpark
  • Hanger
  • Warehousing Factories
  • Railway Depots
  • Shopping Centre
  • Factory Pier
  • Aerodrome

Epoflor 200WB

Epoflor 200WB is a durable, solvent free epoxy coating for concrete and steel substrates. Its can be used alone as a coating or lining or in combination with suitable fillers such as silica aggregates or color flakes to form an abrasion and anti slip system.

Epoflor 200WB when applied, will provide a “satin” like finish. Its matte surfaces makes for an ideal surface to places which require easy cleaning and maintenance, along with excellent anti slip properties.

  • Commonly used in factories, car park lots, garages and workshops
  • Easy cleaning surface
  • Seamless finishing
  • Excellent water “breathability”

Epoflor 201SL

Epoflor 201SL is applied as a solventless self levelling mix to prepared subfloors. It provides an extremely hard wearing and chemically resistant seamless floor surfacing. The ultra smooth finishing will result in a very attractive appearance with a high ease of maintenance.

Epoflor 201SL when applied will provide a dry film thickness of 2mm to 4mm thick for high compressive strength and a glossy like surface to fulfill stringent hygiene requirements such as hospitals and food factories.

  • Hygienic – suitable for hospitals
  • Superflat surface profile
  • Long life
  • Non shrink – 100% solids system
  • Fast application – minimal downtime