About Axel

Located in Malaysia, Axelchem Sdn Bhd is a specialized chemical manufacturer, supplying to the civil, construction, and manufacturing industries. Since its creation in 1985, the organization has grown tremendously in the latter sector. It now offers a wide range of quality products and technical services in special compounds and coatings for all fields in construction and architecture.


Specializing in waterproofing and a leading supplier of epoxy mortar repair, the company’s product lines are by no means limited. A range of high-quality concrete admixtures, surface treatments, specialized mortars, sealants, adhesives, structural strengthening systems, damping and reinforcing materials, industrial flooring, roofing and waterproofing systems, are available to cater to the needs of its customers.

Axel prides itself in its strong customer relations and innovative solutions. With ample experience in construction and manufacturing industries, the company now seeks to combine its knowledge from both sectors to provide its customers with feasible yet intelligent solutions. Using internationally recognized technology and local expertise, Axel is truly the answer to one’s building needs.


The Axel Group of companies has an extensive history dating back to 1986, when it was incorporated as a specialist applicator. As time progressed, the group diversified, expanding upstream into manufacturing, whilst concentrating in the provision of building chemicals for civil and construction industries – This saw the formation of Axel Chemie. Since then, Axel has continued to grow exponentially, developing its range of manufacturing facilities and equipment, as it strives to live up to its motto – ‘Building on Excellence’.


Today, Axel is a frontrunner in its field, with achievements stemming from constant technological research and innovation. The company offers a wide range of quality products and technical services, ranging from restoration waterproofing, sealants and grouts, to a variety of industrial and decorative flooring and roof systems, suitable for construction or any other architecture finishes. A mere 8 years after the company’s conception, Axel was awarded the UKAS Quality Management Certification ISO 9001:2000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd.

With much success in stride, Axel has therefore set an objective of becoming one of the region’s leading manufacturers, aiming to export its products to an increasing number of countries in South East Asia. Though ambitious, Axel’s management ensures the quality of products and services above all else, guaranteeing the satisfaction of each and every customer.

Business Values

This list of core values highlights what is truly important to us in Axel. The four beliefs cut across all sectors of the company, are evident in our business ethic, and ultimately ensure that high standards are achieved in all business dealings.After all, we at Axel are dedicated to embodying principles that have brought the company indisputable results for the last 20 years.



Evidenced in the close ties between the organization’s management, employees and customers, Axel places relations within and beyond the company as its first priority. Satisfaction, consistency, and the establishment of good rapports, are given great importance, for the company is not segmented, but functions as a single entity.



Demonstrated through its high-quality products and committed employees, perfection is of utmost importance in Axel. The company strives to deliver its promises to customers, and thrives on their subsequent satisfaction.



A moderately sized family-run business, with the involvement of two generations since its humble beginnings, Axel reflects essionalism alongside courtesy and hospitality with our customers and employees at all times.



Regarded to be imperative, Axel fosters honesty and transparency amongst both employees and customers.



Training and Development

At Axel, we believe in building up our members. A family-oriented organization, we promise personal development through job flexibility, hands-on mentoring, and the enhancement of interpersonal skills. This ensures constant performance advancement, benefiting both the member and the family.

Organizational Structure

A stimulating environment is one of our strong selling points, complete with an atmosphere promoting progress, innovation and mutual respect. More specifically, this is centered on our unique open workspace, which cultivates discussion and encourages mutual growth. Members there not only spur each other on, but in doing so, develop a strong sense of responsibility and pride for their work.


With a competitive and professional culture revolving around our four business values, we work towards maintaining and creating sustainable, viable jobs.

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